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Barnstormers Receives Nearly A Million Visits and 17 Million Pageviews From 200 Countries - EVERY MONTH


Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"Thanks only to Barnstormers, as we didn't advertise it anywhere else. Antonov AN-2 N2445 was sold to its new owner in Texas. Thanks Baroness, you guys are the best." - Graham Kilsby, Tennessee Air & Space Museum - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 26 Jun 2005


"My aircraft has been sold, thanks to you!! What a great service. The best qualified buyers I had came from your ad, and all three made good offers. Thanks again! I am already using your service to look for another aircraft to buy. My neighbor at the airport also sold a lot of his Stearman parts via Barnstormers!" - Mike Busch, ASI, Cirrus Design - Duluth, Minnesota, USA - 22 Jun 2005


"I just purchased a Pitts S2B that was posted on Barnstormers for only 3 days. Thanks for a great opportunity. The seller said he was swamped with offers but I trumped the deal!" - Stephen Seidel, Thinair Ltd. - Blairstown, New Jersey, USA - 18 May 2005


"Dearest Baroness... Barnstormers ROCKS!! I advertised my trike yesterday with you around noon, by 11.00 pm last nite I sold the trike to a guy in Atlanta. Overnighting large down payment today and will pick up next Monday. BARNSTORMERS! Thanks for being there!!" - Tom Ferguson - Petersburg, Michigan, USA - 17 May 2005


"This website is incredible, I cannot keep inventory. Thanks!" - Drew Brown, Independent Aviation Services, Inc. - Danbury, Connecticut, USA - 15 May 2005


"I posted a for sale ad for my 172 at 10 o'clock one night, and had 7 phone calls and 8 e-mails in 24 hours. Keep up the good work!" - Scott Snider, SES Aviation - Turner, Montana, USA - 20 Mar 2005


"Thanks Baroness! I sold my RV-3A aircraft for full price... your web is the best!!" - Randall S. King - Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey, USA - 20 Mar 2005


"I think people who read Trade-A-Plane are behind the times. The only problem I have is I can't take Barnstormers into the bathroom with me! " - Buck Hilbert, The Funny Farm - Union, Illinois, USA - 17 Mar 2005


"Thanks Barnstormers!! Your service is awesome. We placed an ad on your site and within a month the aircraft was sold. We had responses from all over the country. A donation check is in the mail!" - Thomas Squeo - Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA - 12 Mar 2005


"My Cessna 140 sold. I received a call 5 minutes after the ad hit the www. That turned out to be a sale. There were two other folks in line. Thanks Barnstormers!" - Jeff Kaufman - Hat Creek, California, USA - 17 Feb 2005


"Your site generated fifty e-mail responses. Trade-A-Plane generated four, and the Denver Post zero. The RV-3 has been sold and I must commend you on your tireless efforts to produce such an excellent service." - Donald Gerner, D.D.S. - Kimball, Nebraska, USA - 16 Feb 2005


"Hello again Baroness. Thank you for the best aviation site ever. I placed an ad yesterday morning, and received a deposit on the plane in less than 12 hours. Donation will be sent as soon as I post a SOLD sign on my ad. Thanks again." - Ron Jennings - Evansville, Indiana, USA - 26 Jan 2005


"Thanks to Barnstormers, I was able to sell my beautiful Van's RV-6 in just ONE day! Barnstormers is an outstanding value and absolutely blows away the competition! Thanks so much!" - Gene Kasson - Fort Worth, Texas, USA - 26 Jan 2005


"It would have been better to burn 100 1-dollar bills than use Trade-A-Plane. I put the ad in Barnstormers around 10:30 pm, and two items sold by 9:00AM the next day! Your site is the second most important aviation discovery since aluminum!" - Gregory Gordon, AIRCO STEEL CORP - Naperville, Illinois, USA - 23 Jan 2005


"I just made a sale of my Pitts project to a reputable buyer. I marked the ad as "SOLD" because I've been swamped with calls thanks to your website. Thanks again for a great resource." - Brian Tomporowski - Port Orange, Florida, USA - 22 Jan 2005


"Thanks Barnstomers, I have sold my aircraft. It went on your site Sunday night, got a call Monday morning and made delivery Wednesday. Will keep checking, am looking for another project." - Bruce Barrett - Sebastian, Florida, USA - 21 Jan 2005


"I sold my Bendix/ King converter in three hours. Made a donation. Thanks!" - John Tobin - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA - 19 Jan 2005


"I just sold my F-1 Rocket in 2 days listing it on Barnstormers. Thanks for the great site!" - J. Scott Miller - Angier, North Carolina, USA - 02 Jan 2005


"Hi, and thanks for such a great site! My RV-6 sold just the day before yesterday, and although I listed it in other places, it was Barnstormers that made the sale. And by the way, I always donate when I list something for sale -- it seems only fair. Thanks again!" - Don Kinney - Louisburg, Kansas, USA - 04 Dec 2004


"I posted a Huosai Engine for sale on your site November 28th. The engine sold December 2nd for $6000. I donated $60 to Barnstormers!" - Steve Reamer - Clarksville, Maryland, USA - 04 Dec 2004


"Hi Baroness! I will be sending a donation shortly. Barnstormers sold my American Eaglit sailplane kit. Thanks so much. I could never done it without Barnstormers. I am a happy man." - Ron Hyre - Craigsville, West Virginia, USA - 28 Nov 2004


"Just wanted to let you know that my KB-2 Gyroplane SOLD to a guy in Oklahoma through my Barnstormers advertisement. I got all the money I asked for." - John Stevens - Loganville, Georgia, USA - 27 Nov 2004


"I placed a wanted ad for two 757s or A310 cargo aircraft about two days ago, I woke up this morning with about 13 e-mails from Barnstormers, 3 of which were offering the aircraft that I need!!! I am an instant fan !! I WILL be making a donation as soon as my Finders Fee check arrives!!" - Arnie Herring - Ashville, Alabama, USA - 25 Nov 2004


"I just sold the gyro that I advertised this morning! Now, how do I go about sending you a contribution? Needless to say I am impressed with your publication." - Frank Robinson - Bowie, Maryland, USA - 20 Nov 2004


"I sold my Sonerai II aircraft two minutes after placing it on your site. Here the funny story about it. I put it online and the phone rang two minutes later. They wanted to buy it. The couple drove up from Clinton, Arkansas to see it and bought it by 5 PM. So talk about fast service from your site. And for that I will cash the check and send you all a donation." - Gary Franks - Bolivar, Missouri, USA - 20 Nov 2004


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Barnstormers Receives Nearly A Million Visits and 17 Million Pageviews From 200 Countries - EVERY MONTH

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