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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"Sold my Lycoming O-290 and my Sensenich within 2 days! Barnstormers is an awesome website!!! Could not have asked for any more! I ran a Trade-A-Plane ad for a month on that engine... Not a single call!!!!! Shameful. You are the best!!!!!!!" - Ed Davis - Salem, South Carolina, USA - 11 Feb 2006


"Thank you for a great site. What a utility !! The response to my ad was overwhelming. I am near Atlanta, Ga. I received response from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, California, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa, North Dakota & I sold my engine on the third day to someone in Minnesota. I certainly know where to go the next time that I need to sell an aviation related product. As promised I will go the appropriate link and make a donation. Thanks again." - Arthur Griffith - Hoschton, Georgia, USA - 24 Jan 2006


"Baroness, I religiously visit your site every morning to start my day. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the site. You are doing a great service for all of us that collect and restore old airplanes. Thanks so much for all your hard work. " - Bruce Orriss - Los Angeles, California, USA - 24 Jan 2006


"Baroness, thank you for building a truly working site. I had put my plane in your classifieds a few years ago, and did get a response but no sale. Last week I decided to try again. As I completed the information, I read the scrolling testimonial below "I sold my Sonerai in two minutes", thinking that I would not be so lucky....... Seven minutes later, the phone began to ring with 6 calls, then 3 emails. The first of which purchased my Phantom. You have created an aircraft site that really works. Please give me the address to send a donation." - Jim Argo - Americus, Georgia, USA - 18 Jan 2006


"What a marvelous resource barnstormers.com is for selling an airplane!... especially for us private party sellers. Within a few hours after I posted my ad, I had four calls and several e-mail inquiries. In the days to come, I had a steady stream of calls until the plane was sold to an out-of-state buyer. Fantastic! Thanks for what you do in serving the general aviation community." - Jim P Riedle - Smyrna, Tennessee, USA - 15 Jan 2006


"I posted an ad to sell an 0-145-82 Lycoming engine and received a call within 2 minutes of hitting the enter button on the ad." - bob edenfield - LaCombe, Louisiana, USA - 10 Jan 2006


"I couldn't believe how fast the com/nav gear sold but then when I think about it, your service covers the whole world. Aviation related items are not easy to sell because the market is so specialized and therefore limited. Without your service, it may have taken months to sell and the cost would have been a lot higher than the $5.00 for adding pictures and the subsequent donation. Thanks again for your valuable service." - Bob Stone - Harker Heights, Texas, USA - 05 Jan 2006


"A GREAT site with great results... 3 weeks, 30 responses, 1 sale. Got my first call within hours of posting. Thanks. Keep up the good work!" - Ron Dively, Dively's Garage - Alexandria, Pennsylvania, USA - 21 Dec 2005


"My VW Hapi engine sold in the first 15 minutes it was listed. How do I put Sold on it to stop the calls? Awesome website!" - Laird D. Lind - Lake Dallas, Texas, USA - 06 Dec 2005


"I had many responses to the engine I advertised and sold it within days. Thanks for a great site!" - David Wallace - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 03 Nov 2005


"Thanks Barnstormers! Sold my parts in 6 hours time. Love this place!" - Drew Brown - Danbury, Connecticut, USA - 25 Oct 2005


"Talk about fast!..... Listed ad at 11 AM, sold by 2 PM. Thanks Barnstormers!" - George Dascomb - Sugar Land, Texas, USA - 21 Oct 2005


"I placed my ad on Barnstormers early this summer and by September my plane was sold. I used NO other form of advertisement. Thanks!" - Ted Spoelstra - Hastings, Michigan, USA - 10 Oct 2005


"We sold our airplane much faster than I thought. I had not been familiar with Barnstormers and had always used TAP. I thought that I would try Barnstormers for a week or two and then go to the REAL sales place. Boy was I wrong! The second person to contact us bought the plane. I am telling everyone that will slow down long enough about Barnstormers." - Mike Hall - Olustee, Oklahoma, USA - 09 Oct 2005


"I sold my Citabria from the Barnstormers ad. I received more responses from my one-time ad listing with Barnstormers.com in less than three weeks than I did from over 6 months in Trade-A-Plane. And, none of the Barnstormer respondents were tire kickers or folks looking for a free demo ride, as I experienced from the other ads. Thanks for your great site." - Dan Hieronimus, CFII - Ironton, Ohio, USA - 11 Sep 2005


"My Cessna 172 sold in less than a week. In fact, I got the first reply in 20 minutes after my classified ad appeared on your site. Thanks for your help." - Sam Marinucci - Dover, Delaware - 03 Sep 2005


"This is my first experience with BARNSTORMERS and I sold my airplane in just one month. Thank you BARNSTORMERS. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" - Stephen Murray - Albany, Ohio, USA - 23 Aug 2005


"I sold my 1969 C-172 N78408 in a matter of days after listing it on Barnstormers. Thanks!" - Salvatore Marinucci - Dover, Delaware, USA - 22 Aug 2005


"Just wanted to thank you for the Barnstormers website. I put my Kitfox IV on it for sale. The response was unbelievable! I sold the plane for what I asked for it in about a week. Thanks again!" - Jack Lacey - Melvern, Kansas, USA - 20 Jul 2005


"Baroness: Thanks to you and Barnstormers, we sold our 1980 Pitts S2A and purchased an S2B - also listed on your site. As soon as we get our final payment from the sale, expect a check in the mail." - Stephen Seidel, Thin Air Ltd. - Blairstown, New Jersey, USA - 12 Jul 2005


"Dear Baroness: Just writing to tell you the good news! With the new price I am asking, the aircraft sold in 8 days for what my asking price is ! Very happy with the results and the helpfulness of your service." - Martin D. Bergerson - Eveleth, Minnesota, USA - 04 Jul 2005


"Proud to advertise with the best......Barnstormers!!" - Rick Gray - Vincent, Ohio, USA - 04 Jul 2005


"Thanks only to Barnstormers, as we didn't advertise it anywhere else. Antonov AN-2 N2445 was sold to its new owner in Texas. Thanks Baroness, you guys are the best." - Graham Kilsby, Tennessee Air & Space Museum - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 26 Jun 2005


"My aircraft has been sold, thanks to you!! What a great service. The best qualified buyers I had came from your ad, and all three made good offers. Thanks again! I am already using your service to look for another aircraft to buy. My neighbor at the airport also sold a lot of his Stearman parts via Barnstormers!" - Mike Busch, ASI, Cirrus Design - Duluth, Minnesota, USA - 22 Jun 2005


"I just purchased a Pitts S2B that was posted on Barnstormers for only 3 days. Thanks for a great opportunity. The seller said he was swamped with offers but I trumped the deal!" - Stephen Seidel, Thinair Ltd. - Blairstown, New Jersey, USA - 18 May 2005


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