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Barnstormers Receives Nearly A Million Visits and 17 Million Pageviews From 200 Countries - EVERY MONTH


Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"Ok, I'm a believer in Barnstormers.com now. The 2nd guy to see the ad has purchased my Fairchild. Thanks for the service." - Tom Leatherwood, Avlite Aviation / 18 West - Paso Robles, California, USA - 13 Dec 2006


"Thank you for the opportunity to offer a Lycoming engine to someone who needed one. It went quick and I intend to use Barnstormers for more hangar cleaning." - Tom Leroy - Naples, Florida, USA - 11 Dec 2006


"I got a great prospect as soon as my ad went online with Barnstormers.com. Hopefully he will buy in the next week. Won't that be great? I have spent so much money with Trade-A-Plane it is disgusting, because my customers insisted. But you have always been my favorite site, and I always get great responses. And this time when my customer complained, I said "Just let me do my business, my way." Thanks, Barnstormers!" - Fran Daisey, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Inc. - Lighthouse Point, Florida, USA - 07 Dec 2006


"I love everything about this site! I love the low prices, the existing viewer base and most of all, the Baroness for the continuous support and professionalism. Fabulous, fabulous, and more fabulous! Thanks for everything you-all do!" - Lee Modny, President, Nose to Tail Aircraft Parts, Inc. - Miami Lakes, Florida, USA - 02 Dec 2006


"I received my first reply about 2 hours after my Windwagon Project ad was posted. I received the second reply 3 days later and that gentleman bought the project that day after coming and looking at it. What can I say, it doesn't get any better than this. Thanks. " - Steve Swinney - Raytown, Missouri, USA - 14 Nov 2006


"WOW!!! First time user. Had four replies in first two hours. Deposit in the bank in less than 12 hours. I'll be sending a donation. Much better than eBay. Thanks Barnstormers!" - Bob Clark - Crossville, Tennessee, USA - 14 Nov 2006


"I started getting responses the day after posting my ads for Taylorcraft projects. One sold within a week. Barnstormers is a convenient, effective, affordable resource. Thanks." - John Weigel - Natick, Massachusetts, usa - 13 Nov 2006


"My Lancair 235 got 26,000 hits in 2 months, averaging about 10 emails a day, and 4 serious prospects bidding on my plane. I will sell again through you all – this experience was better than any other website." - Captain William W. Evans, USAF - Columbus AFB, Mississippi, USA - 01 Nov 2006


"To my pleasure I have to tell you that both items have been sold because of your program. The R-2800 radial engine went to a man in Texas 20 minutes after the ad hit the web. The floats went to a man in Canada a few days later. I am putting photos together of my PZL-101 to be listed and as soon as I get them ready will give you a shout. Thanks again." - Charley Connally - Ceiba, Puerto Rico - 25 Oct 2006


"Could you run my Homepage Featured Ad for another two weeks? I have been getting a lot of responses from the homepage of Barnstormers. " - Erik Woods, EK Composites Inc. - Aurora, Colorado, USA - 23 Oct 2006


"My Kitfox sold in less than a week! Barnstormers puts buyers and sellers together like no other source. Thanks." - Ricky Simmons - Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA - 20 Oct 2006


"Great Job! This aircraft (Jabiru Calypso) did not sell and had few inquiries at Trade-A-Plane. It sold after only 2 days on Barnstormers. Thanks for a great marketing tool!" - Pete Krotje, Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft, LLC - Shelbyville, Tennessee, USA - 18 Oct 2006


"I have found two RVs on Barnstormers... a 4 and an 8. The 4 in Westminster, Baltimore area and the 8 from Big Fork Montana. Now I am looking for a hot RV8 again and I have found several in Florida. You have to have in mind that Barnstormers ads reaches all the way to SWEDEN. Definitely the world's best aviation site. Looking forward to a new trip to USA." - Nils Håkansson Lönnslätt - Svedala, Sweden - 17 Oct 2006


"The Barnstormers website has given a small sales company a way to market aviation world wide. Keep up the good work." - Stephen LaPointe, C.E.O & Associates, Inc. - Martinez, CA, USA - 17 Oct 2006


"Barnstormers out performed Aero Trader hands downs. Thx for the help. I have recommended this site to my friends for a quick sale." - Fred Schiffer - Lake Havasu City, Arizona - 09 Oct 2006


"Thanks to Barnstormers for helping me sell my Citabria. It sold in only 4 days." - Don Hackney - Canton, Texas, USA - 07 Oct 2006


"Thanks to barnstormers I sold my Sky Raider ultralight in just one week." - Gil Zeltwanger - Exmore, Virginia, USA - 02 Oct 2006


"The Barnstormers website is so good and effective the Taylorcraft sold within the first 48 hours of starting the ad... and the phone still rings off the hook! Congratulations! Thanks!" - Walter Jazun - Parker, Colorado, USA - 25 Sep 2006


"Just sold my Christen Eagle II. Congrats to the lucky buyer. I only had it listed for 48 hours before she sold. THANKS BARNSTOMERS! This site is AWESOME and if I had listed it with the "other" guys dressed in yellow, I am sure I would not have had the coverage I get with Barnstormers! Good luck with the Print version. I will be a subscriber!" - Randy Ott, RKO Aviation - Weirsdale, Florida, USA - 25 Sep 2006


"Barnstormers is the best way to sell an aircraft. I have sold two and believe the market coverage is better even than Trade-A-Plane. Thanks again Barnstormers! Donation is on the way." - Wayne Norris - Millbrook, Alabama, USA - 12 Sep 2006


"Barnstormers is unbelievable. It reaches more pilots than any other web site. #1 in my books for buying and selling." - Howard Erickson - Forest, Ontario, Canada - 05 Sep 2006


"I placed an ad to sell my BabyAce on Barnstormers, and the aircraft sold the next day. I was happy to make a donation. Thanks!" - Harvey Thompson - Geronimo, Texas, USA - 04 Sep 2006


"I placed my first ad and my phone rang off the hook. Barnstormers is the best way to sell an aircraft. The photos sure help. I recommend this site to all my flying buddys." - Cap't Ken Boula, EAGLECREST AVIATION - Richmond, Texas, USA - 04 Sep 2006


"I got a call two hours after I activated my Cessna 150C ad on Barnstormers. The gentleman flew out, gave me a check and flew it home about ten days later. I also sold a Taylorcraft on Barnstormers... to someone that didn’t even have a computer. On that airplane I had calls from as far away as Germany. I also had it advertised in “Trade-A-Plane” and “Pacific Flyer” but I did not receive a single call from either source. I’m glad Barnstormers is working out." - John Todhunter - Chula Vista, California, USA - 30 Aug 2006


"We sold 111 seats on the EAA's B-17 "Aluminum Overcast", over $7,000 in merchandise, and sold over 600 ground tours. We also sold over 750 rides on the EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor and over $7,000 in merchandise. I know our ads on Barnstormers.com helped to make this happen for EAA Chapter 12 here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania." - Denny Carney, EAA CHAPTER 12 - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA - 24 Aug 2006


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