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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"I like aviation and anything that has to do with homebuilding and craft works. I'm a young aircraft enthusiast and I like a great website like Barnstomers with useful links and ads for ultralites and homebuilts. regards chrisogond" - Chris Ogo Ndubuisi - Uromi, Edo state, Nigeria - 28 Sep 2003


"A new private pilot just told me about your wonderful website. I'm a student pilot and a senior citizen and I love aviation. I'm involved with Angel Flight, as a Mission Assistant and EAA and love helping with the Young Eagles. I also love attending EAA/Oshkosh and wished it would last two weeks, not just one. My favorite plane is the P51 and, hopefully, some day I'll get a flight in one. Also, love all the old classics. I love your website, too. Keep up the good work." - Terri Gorman - Los Gatos, CA, USA - 22 Sep 2003


"I told a friend about barnstormers.com and he sold his 150 in 2 days when Trade-A-Plane (the other guys) yielded zippo. Keep up the BS.com 4-ever baby!" - Dr. Jose Marin - Newberg, Oregon, USA - 19 Sep 2003


"Thank you for providing such a great service. I posted a new ad for my plane on Sept. 7, and sold it today, Sept. 18. I could have sold it even quicker but had paperwork issues with the first serious guy. Anyhow, I had so many responses I lost track, and it was only 11 days, thanks for such a great site." - Nathan Dalrymple - Huntington, Indiana, USA - 18 Sep 2003


"Thank you for allowing us to advertise. Our ad on Barnstormers.com has produced the greatest number and quickest responses of any advertising we've done on the Internet." - Terri Hulse, Manager - Clearwater, FL, USA - 11 Sep 2003


"Congratulations on the update on your website. The new format is OUTSTANDING! I know it caused you some headaches but it's now really NICE and it's FAST. You've done a great job with all this and you have my respect and admiration for this hard work. I know others feel the same way but most will probably not take the time to give you due thanks. So for me and for them, again THANK YOU! You've done more for aviation in the past couple of years than I think you can ever realize. Let's see, there's the Wright Brothers, Lindbergh.... and the Baroness! ;-)" - Mike Brown - Rogue River, Oregon, USA - 22 Aug 2003


"MANY MANY THANKS, BARONESS! SOLD THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS! I quickly sold my antique propeller!" - Lorraine Kenney - Marietta, Ohio, Usa - 10 Aug 2003


"Thanks Barnstormers! I found my first plane (John Mulberry's J-3 Cub) on your awesome site, only 20 minutes after he posted it! He had over a hundred inquiries, but I got there first thanks to you guys! You're my heros! Cabi~" - John Cabigas - Yuba City, CA, Usa - 05 Aug 2003


"Best aviation site on the web. Love ya too!" - Allen Carpenter - Bangkok, NA, Thailand - 16 Jul 2003


"Just want to thank you all for a great website. I found an affordable ultralight here that will be my First Plane! I am telling everyone who is looking for anything to look here first." - William Burns - Anderson, SC, Usa - 16 Jul 2003


"Great Site!!! Great Service!!! Great Responses! Keep up the Great Service!!!" - Mark Cacioppo - La Mesa, California, Usa - 14 Jul 2003


"Hi My wife and I would like to thank you all for this web site. Hours of pleasure and all." - Charles Jones, Future Governor - Slingback, Tennessee, Us Of A - 07 Jul 2003


"I had 3 "hits" on my ad the same day I placed it on barnstormers. I sold it a week later." - Travis Elmore - Winter Haven, Florida, USA - 02 Jul 2003


"What a site! I have been working for Scandinavian Airlines for more than 27 years and love old planes. Could I ever afford to buy one, this would probably be the place. Well - looking at the ads is interesting - even without any wish to buy. Kind regards Hanne" - Hanne - Copenhagen, Denmark - 01 Jul 2003


"Thanks for a neat website!" - Nicholas D. Swan - Ludington, MI, Usa - 30 Jun 2003


"I love Barnstormers and have told many prospective buyers about your service. Far superior to TAP! Thanks for all your hard work in keeping the aviation community abreast of all this great info." - Jim Ozias - Nantucket, Massachusetts, Usa - 29 Jun 2003


"THANKS, BARONESS!!! SOLD!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!! I found a new airplane I wanted but had to sell mine first. I put an ad on BARNSTORMERS and had calls starting within two hours. Now my Wag-A-Bond is sold and I am heading for Seattle to pick up my Moriah Express." - Victor Roberts - Roswell, Georgia, Usa - 24 Jun 2003


"Thanks to BARNSTOMERS I found the Van's RV6-A I had been looking for... the one of my dreams, in TEXAS. Thanks to the Baroness, I'm a happy customer." - Ken Cowan - Topeka, Kansas, Usa - 04 Jun 2003


"Your site rocks. Sold the plane in 1 day... Could have saved myself over $100 in Trade-A-Plane if I'd known about your site sooner..." - Adam Plummer - Hampstead, Maryland, Usa - 02 Jun 2003


"Thanks to Barnstormers I sold my J3 Piper Cub almost immediately. In fact the person who ended up buying the Cub, responded to my add 20 minutes after I posted it. Thank You Barnstormers! This is the best site for Aircraft Enthusiasts!" - John Mulberry - Idaho Falls, Idaho, Usa - 30 May 2003


"Dear Baroness, Thank you for the opportunity for a place for us amateurs to shop. I am one of your daily shoppers and Barnstormers is my first stop on internet shopping. I have purchased four planes and several parts from Barnstormers and very satisfied. The thing I noticed the most about Barnstormers is the quality of people associated with Barnstormers for customer satisfaction and the quality of people advertising are the most honest of anywhere I have dealt with. Keep up the good work from one of your very satisfied customers. Thank You!" - Scott Bullard - Halltown, Missouri, Usa - 25 May 2003


"SkyTrails Air Tours & Charters would like to thank Barnstormers.com for providing an excellent service in aviation... Thank you very much for allowing us to post our ads and photos and banner on your site, truly amazing!!" - Dave Shaver & Mike Weiner - Collingwood/ Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada - 17 May 2003


"I went to Barnstormers specifically because it's the best. I bought my homebuilt through Barnstormers and I'm selling my twin through you. Trade-A-Plane... bah! I think you should publish your own paper catalog....you'd probably put those guys out of business!" - Samer Najia - Gaithersburg, Maryland, Usa - 10 May 2003


"Our motorglider sold this weekend thanks to our Barnstormers.com ad. Thank you very much for this service which has become such an important part of the aviation world." - Steve Beaver - Columbus, Ohio, Usa - 14 Apr 2003


"GOT IT!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!! Thank you Barnstormers and Partsguys. I went onto Barnstormers yesterday looking for a magneto for my classic Stearman. I have not been able to find this thing for 6 months. I sent an e-mail to this Partguys group and I still can't believe you found this thing. I would have thought the charge was going to be out of my range, but I was happily surprised. I am 95% complete and I will be up in the air by late spring. Thanks again, and if Partsguys or Barnstormers ever need a reference, you can count on me!" - Jerry Pfau - Augusta, Georgia, Usa - 05 Apr 2003


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