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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"I put in an ad with Barnstormers about a week ago. I have the featured Thorp T-18. At the same time I bought a much more expensive ad in Trade-A-Plane. I am getting no response from my ad with them and A LOT of response from my ad with Barnstormers! I am very happy with this! I just wanted you to know." - Bob Johnson - Halsey, Oregon, USA - 09 Jan 2004


"Aloha... Just wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your website. It's very simple and direct to the point. I have accomplished alot in so little time. Keep up the good work." - Dexter Aspacio F.K. - Kahului, Hawaii, USA - 03 Jan 2004


"I received more response through Barnstormers than I did on eBay. Wow!!!!" - Steven Rhine - Vancouver, Washington, USA - 28 Dec 2003


"I have had little success with listing in Trade-A-Plane and others. Your site had callers on the phone with us the same day I posted ad! I now know where to go first. Thank you." - Tom Trester - Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA - 16 Dec 2003


"Thank you Barnstormers!!! It is thru this fantastic site that I received more hits on my plane than a good lightning rods gets in a bad Lightning and T storm. The plane is sold in just over 2 months and to one of the earlier searchers. Again thanks. It's sites like this that keep Aviation alive, so Keep'em Flying!!! " - Patrick Kelly - Roaring Branch, pa, USA - 09 Dec 2003


"After 5 years all I can say is No other site can compare! You are the best. Buying or selling your site is the place to go. Thank you again and again." - Scott Shyrock - Millington, TN, USA - 09 Dec 2003


"Dear Baroness, Once again I received a phenomenal response to my barnstormers ad!!! The aircraft sold in less than 4 days! I have utilized barnstormers several times now in both directions and am still amazed at the service that you provide. I will be delivering my aircraft to its new owner next week and you can bet that I will be sending you a donation in appreciation for your work on my behalf! Thank you again barnstormers!" - Bob Grimm - Hornick, Iowa, USA - 15 Nov 2003


"I placed an ad for an Apollo GX55 on Tuesday and sold it the next morning! Thanks for the great service." - Kenson Vance - Westlake, Texas, USA - 12 Nov 2003


"Just thought I'd let you know that today I sold the Sonerai II-L which I listed on Barnstormers, and that the lead that resulted in the sale came directly from Barnstormers! Additionally, I have had terrific response to the ad regarding my Sidewinder project, am showing it to people tomorrow and Wednesday, and think I might have it sold by next weekend. Great work! Thanks very much for such a terrific site!" - Ed Newbold - Columbus, Ohio, USA - 09 Nov 2003


"Listed my Pietenpol project for sale on Nov. 4..... Sold on Nov. 8. Thanks Baroness ! Thanks Barnstormers.com." - George Dascomb - Sugar Land, Texas, USA - 09 Nov 2003


"We are setting up a start-up airline and we have just about found all the resources throught the fabulous BARNSTORMERS site." - Lucky A Ma.Chee - Auckland, New Zealand - 04 Nov 2003


"Wow!!! I placed an ad to find a belt drive for my ultralight project and got a response and found the drive in ONE DAY! I'm hooked. Thanks Baroness! Love 'ya!" - Scotty Orr - Waterloo, NY - 27 Oct 2003


"I had very good response to the ad about my 172. Sold it today. Many thanks." - Darwin Sowders - Robinson, Tx, USA - 24 Oct 2003


"I sold my Luscombe through this website about 24 hours after I posted the ad! Wow, Thank you very much." - Ron Hull - Temecula, California, USA - 23 Oct 2003


"Best site to place classifieds. Barnstormers Rocks in Canada !!! Keep up the Great Site Baroness !!!" - Michelle - WInnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 22 Oct 2003


"Move over TAP, I have been flying for many years and have been involved in the most detailed annual inspection in 10 years and I have saved hundreds of dollars and who knows how many hours of search time, and I just learned about this site 10 days ago...... Brad " - Brad Chatten - Lakeport, California, USA - 18 Oct 2003


"RANS S12 SOLD THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS! • I apologize for not getting back with all of the callers and e-mails. I must have had 50 replies to the ad. Thanks! " - Mark Johnson - Marshall, Texas, USA - 08 Oct 2003


"I just want to tell you that the barnstormer page is the best out there! I use it every day and itīs great! Keep up the good work!!" - Daniel Ryfa - Sundsvall, Sweden - 07 Oct 2003


"I am please to tell you that I sold my ultralight thru Barnstormers. I had advertised on another site as well, but all calls I received referred to the Barnstormers ad, bar none. I really appreciate your site and will continue to use it. Thank you." - Jim Farmer - Comanche, Texas, USA - 28 Sep 2003


"I like aviation and anything that has to do with homebuilding and craft works. I'm a young aircraft enthusiast and I like a great website like Barnstomers with useful links and ads for ultralites and homebuilts. regards chrisogond" - Chris Ogo Ndubuisi - Uromi, Edo state, Nigeria - 28 Sep 2003


"A new private pilot just told me about your wonderful website. I'm a student pilot and a senior citizen and I love aviation. I'm involved with Angel Flight, as a Mission Assistant and EAA and love helping with the Young Eagles. I also love attending EAA/Oshkosh and wished it would last two weeks, not just one. My favorite plane is the P51 and, hopefully, some day I'll get a flight in one. Also, love all the old classics. I love your website, too. Keep up the good work." - Terri Gorman - Los Gatos, CA, USA - 22 Sep 2003


"I told a friend about barnstormers.com and he sold his 150 in 2 days when Trade-A-Plane (the other guys) yielded zippo. Keep up the BS.com 4-ever baby!" - Dr. Jose Marin - Newberg, Oregon, USA - 19 Sep 2003


"Thank you for providing such a great service. I posted a new ad for my plane on Sept. 7, and sold it today, Sept. 18. I could have sold it even quicker but had paperwork issues with the first serious guy. Anyhow, I had so many responses I lost track, and it was only 11 days, thanks for such a great site." - Nathan Dalrymple - Huntington, Indiana, USA - 18 Sep 2003


"Thank you for allowing us to advertise. Our ad on Barnstormers.com has produced the greatest number and quickest responses of any advertising we've done on the Internet." - Terri Hulse, Manager - Clearwater, FL, USA - 11 Sep 2003


"Congratulations on the update on your website. The new format is OUTSTANDING! I know it caused you some headaches but it's now really NICE and it's FAST. You've done a great job with all this and you have my respect and admiration for this hard work. I know others feel the same way but most will probably not take the time to give you due thanks. So for me and for them, again THANK YOU! You've done more for aviation in the past couple of years than I think you can ever realize. Let's see, there's the Wright Brothers, Lindbergh.... and the Baroness! ;-)" - Mike Brown - Rogue River, Oregon, USA - 22 Aug 2003


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