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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"Baroness: Whoever you are, thank you. I got INSTANT response to my ad, and after several weeks, I still get e-mails! Again, thanks a million!" - Joe - Self Employed Genius Visionary - B.U.G Aircr - Chardon, OH, U.s.a. - 19 Sep 2002


"Very powerful site!! Greetings!" - Azadco Photo Graphix Inc. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 18 Sep 2002


"After one hour reading "Barnstomers"--- now I have the ultralight bug." - Leon Brady - Cimarron, Ks., U.s.a, - 18 Sep 2002


"Good press." - Guy Feracci - Santa Monica, CA, Us - 11 Sep 2002


"Hi Baroness: I have yet to place an ad that did not get a response within a few days. What a great site. " - Joe Mancini - Winter Haven, Florida, U.s.a. - 31 Aug 2002


"Hi Baroness, I sold my Aeronca L-16 from your site. The purchaser bought it sight unseen (I sent pixs), but it was a perfect example. I received at least a dozen inquiries. Good exposure. Thanks." - Mitch Leland - Kerrville, Texas, Usa - 29 Aug 2002


"This site is the best on the net! There is no other like it anywhere !!!" - Michael P. Hasenauer - Marietta, Georgia, USA - 26 Aug 2002


"29 Aviation says you're the best! Keep it up Baroness. Just want to say thank you. My ad was on your site for three hours and I got the response I needed. You are awesome. Thank you again. " - Jason Littrell, Mechanic - 29 AVIATION - 29 Palms, California, USA - 26 Aug 2002


"Baroness: You do a FANTASTIC JOB and, trust me, all of us in the industry appreciate what you do!" - Robert Wills, President - AIRSTART REGIONAL SPARES - Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada - 22 Aug 2002


"Y'all do it pretty well! Best site I've been to. Good job!" - Jayadewa Muthukuda - Canberra, A.C.T., Australia - 18 Aug 2002


"Hi Baroness. Thanks for its great aid for our business. Everything is perfect. Sincerely." - Ing. Jorge Oddone, Director - JOFAIR - Miami, Florida USA & Bueno Aires, ARGENTINA - 17 Aug 2002


"I can't believe it! Seven responses to my ad in 1/2 day!" - Lyle Stedman - Chittenango, New York, Usa - 16 Aug 2002


"Hi Baroness: Yours is the most useful site on the net for aircraft... bar none. I've had three enquiries on my Allison V-1710 since I put it in yesterday. You really can't beat that. Thanks for doing this. Finding and selling this kind of stuff would be near impossible without you. Take care." - Andrew Walz - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 15 Aug 2002


"Y'all do it right! Best site I've been to. Good job!" - Bill Brown - Huntsville, Alabama, USA - 10 Aug 2002


"Greetings from North Dakota!! I'd like to thank you for a job WELL DONE!! There are a lot of aviation sites out there, but none compare to Barnstormers. Thanx Baroness!" - Mike Braaten, Vice President Of Sales And Marketin - Fargo, ND, Usa - 07 Aug 2002


"Nice page, well done! Good design!" - Oli - Duisburg, Nrw, Germany - 02 Aug 2002


"Baroness, we think this is the greatest thing to come along since grits. Thanks a Bunch Love and Kisses back at ya. Percy and Prunella Peabody" - Percy And Prunella Peabody - Frostbite, South Carolina, Usa - 02 Aug 2002


"Greetings: I have sold my planes. The ads I ran were for a Pazmany PL-1 and a Harmon Rocket. Your site is high quality and it worked very well for me. I really appreciate your service. Thank you." - Stuart Smith - Long Beach, California, Usa - 30 Jul 2002


"I retired after 47 years as A&P with IA.This is the best web site I have found for aviation. Love the mechanic greeting card. " - Homer Rozell - Richfield, Oh., U.s. - 30 Jul 2002


"My business continues to flourish. I am sure that is due in large part to my ads on your site." - Dennis Carley - U-FLY-IT ULTRALIGHTS, LTD. - Lancaster, Ohio, Usa - 27 Jul 2002


"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been traveling coast to coast lately, and have been asked for my email address. I tell them to look for me on BARNSTORMERS. With your site I have been really trying hard to make a go of moving people's airplanes and selling a few as well. Thank you so much for the service that you have placed out here for our use. I don't forget who to give the credit to for this. Thanks for giving us a chance and a place to advertise. You're the best thing that has happened to aviation since Amelia Earhart. You have brought a lot of aviators together. That should give you a good feeling knowing that you have had such a profound impact on the aviation world. We are all in debt to you." - Andy Haddan - Ultrasport Aviation - Mapleton, Kansas, Usa - 27 Jul 2002


"You have probably the best aviation enthusiast web site on the planet earth! I mean it! I lost my job due to the 9-11 disaster and I've been scraping by ever since. I so desperately needed funds that I turned to your web site to advertise some of my Av stuff for sale. I got responses in less than one hour! Imagine!!!!!!!! Thank God you exist!" - Don Pensa - Pittsgrove, New Jersey, Usa - 27 Jul 2002


"My Rans went within 4 hours of the price cut SOLD!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!!" - Bill Haddan - DREAMWEAVER AVIATION - Nevada, Missouri, Usa - 15 Jul 2002


"Thank you, Barnstormers!! I have sold my Pitts through your website. I tried Trade-A-Plane, also Ebay, with no results (just a bunch of dreamers). Your site made all the difference. Thank you again!" - Stanley Kranz - North Java, New York, Usa - 14 Jul 2002


"Hello from Ohio, It was neat to see Art Moose and crew in your "Events" section on page 28 or 29. Them boys have to be watched and you did a fine job!" - John Castle - Norwich, Ohio, The Great Usa - 12 Jul 2002


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