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Thank you for visiting BARNSTORMERS.COM, aviation's busiest marketplace. We hope you will visit often. Here you will find hundreds of testimonials received over the years from buyers and sellers. YOUR testimonial is welcome, too! Please Submit a Testimonial


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"This is a great site. Keep up the good work. My donation will be sent shortly. Thanks." - Ron Barnes - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada - 17 Nov 2002


"I love your website. If my ad works, I'll gladly donate the value of a Trade-A-Plane (bird cage liner) ad to Barnstormers. Thanks for all your help and the excellent services." - Lynn Stout - Georgetown, Texas, Usa - 13 Nov 2002


"I browse your site frequently and it is truly very rewarding and entertaining. I hope it lasts forever..... I have also purchased three airplanes thru your ads of which I still own !!!!! Thank You." - Larry Lukehart - Albion, Iowa, Usa - 12 Nov 2002


"I was slow to hear about Barnstomers. You're the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks for your services." - Ron Holcomb - Proctor, Arkansas, Usa - 09 Nov 2002


"This is one of greatest websites I have ever seen! I really love it! Have a great day!" - Josef Iranasky - Greenwich, Connecticut, USA - 01 Nov 2002


"SOLD!! THANKS TO BARNSTORMERS!! Thanks to this website and the widespread knowledge that it is THE place to buy or sell aviation stuff, I have sold another very rare, oddball, and limited market item. In the time it woulda took for a print advertisement to come out in a paper publication, I have been contacted by e-mail and phone, made arrangements to sell the item, been paid and am shipping the item immediately. Results speak for themselves. " - Bill Berle - Pacoima - Whiteman Airport, California, Usa - 31 Oct 2002


"Just to let you know, I have spread the word about Barnstormers. It's got to be TAP's number one competitor. People just love it!!! Keep up the good work!!" - Mary Ann Stedman - Bloomfield, New York, Usa - 26 Oct 2002


"Baroness: You may not remember me but I'm one of (3) crazy guys. We met at Dart Airport last year. You let Art Moose use your car. We had all the junk parts for sale at the long trailer. We all went to the restaurant in your car. Bad rain day?! Just wanted to say "Hi" and "thanks". You're the best!" - Don Brown - Zanesville, Ohio., USA - 19 Oct 2002


"Thank you BARNSTORMERS... I have buy one Pitts with BARNSTORMERS!" - Mauro Di Biaggio - Caorle, Italy - 17 Oct 2002


"I want to thank you for a great way to advertise. I received over 50 responses to my ad and the aircraft sold today." - Bill Dunham - Rogers, Arkansas, Usa - 17 Oct 2002


"I placed an ad for my KR project yesterday and it sold the same day! I guess I wasn't asking enough for it. Thanks, Barnstormers!" " - Paul Eberhardt - Madison Heights, Michigan, Usa - 15 Oct 2002


"I am confident that I will find the Challenger II that I am looking for, on your site." - Jay Lefebvre - Louiseville, Québec, Canada - 11 Oct 2002


"This is one of the best aviation sites that I have found. Keep up the good work. I will be back." - Jack Pluard - Danforth, Illinois, Usa - 08 Oct 2002


"What a neat site! Hope that u sell my plane." - Paul D Perreault - Boulder, Colorado, Usa - 07 Oct 2002


"Baroness: You're the greatest. We here in the Texas area love you and your site. We've been very pleased with the responses to our ads and the great site you've developed. Thanks again." - Bob Hardcastle - Kemah, Texas, Usa - 06 Oct 2002


"Business is now picking up again, slowly, and Barnstormers has been a great help. When I list items on other services, I get no responses... but Barnstormers always gets me repies like clockwork. I must commend you on your service. Thank you and best regards." - Mark P. Deering - KENMARK AVIATION INC - Palmyra, Virginia, Usa - 06 Oct 2002


"I got exactly what I was looking for... Spread the Word!" - Ashley Gardiner - Coventry, England - 04 Oct 2002


"Really enjoyed the site and had a ball at Reno this year. For an old ag pilot it was a real treat!" - Ralph Compton - Boise City, Oklahoma, USA - 24 Sep 2002


"Great, informative and entertaining website !!! Keep up the good work !" - Mike - Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany - 24 Sep 2002


"Your website has brought the whole aviation industry closer and has given us the chance to reach more clients than we have ever imagined." - Luis Bello, Sales - ACCESS AVIATION - Miami, Florida, Usa - 24 Sep 2002


"Dear Baroness: I recently advertised my 1962 Piper Colt on your website. I received a lot of attention to the aircraft from your website and SOLD the airplane within a short matter of time. I am convinced that your service excels in its own right and many aviation enthusiasts whether SELLERS or BUYERS should be very grateful to you for this superb avenue! Thank-You, Baroness !!! Love 'ya." - Mark Casillas - Memphis, Tennessee, Usa - 20 Sep 2002


"Baroness: Whoever you are, thank you. I got INSTANT response to my ad, and after several weeks, I still get e-mails! Again, thanks a million!" - Joe - Self Employed Genius Visionary - B.U.G Aircr - Chardon, OH, U.s.a. - 19 Sep 2002


"Very powerful site!! Greetings!" - Azadco Photo Graphix Inc. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 18 Sep 2002


"After one hour reading "Barnstomers"--- now I have the ultralight bug." - Leon Brady - Cimarron, Ks., U.s.a, - 18 Sep 2002


"Good press." - Guy Feracci - Santa Monica, CA, Us - 11 Sep 2002


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